FRESH Easy & Versatile Pomodoro Sauce

With an easy and delicious pasta and pizza sauce in your arsenal, fast dinners that please everyone at the table are a snap. FRESH Executive Chef Michael Brady shows you how to make a simple yet versatile pomodoro sauce that you can use on pasta, pizza and other recipes.

Download the FRESH Easy & Versatile Pomodoro Sauce recipe


- 6 ripe tomatoes from the garden (pull the core out and rough chop)

- 3 cloves of garlic (rough chopped)

- 2 Noonday onions (rough chopped)

- ¼ c extra virgin olive oil

- 1 c white wine

- 1 c chicken stock


Preheat a sauce pot (get it extremely hot!).

Add oil and sear/sauté onions and tomatoes, while sautéing season with salt and pepper. (Your favorite canned tomato will work during the winter months.)

Deglaze with oil, stock and add garlic and simmer until nice and tender.

Season and serve as is or pour into a blender and purée smooth, according to your preference.

Season to taste.